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The Big Dummy's Guide to Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics

A Starter Course for Technoids

(Still Under Construction)
Copyright Orrin R. Onken 1994

Introduction: A short but important introduction to what the book is all about and what you can do with your comments if you don't like it. You can skip it, but you might end up somewhere you didn't mean to get.

The Vocabulary of Deep Thought: A starter kit for the for people who know more about autoexec.bat files than about religion. You learn the difference between philosophy and theology. You will traverse the gamut of religious thought from old fashion theism to militant atheism. You will find ethics, ontology and epistimology, defined and explained with examples that even a Mac user can understand.

The Seven Deadly Arguments: Seven religious arguments to avoid at all costs. Here you will learn the proper response to questions such as "Does God exist?""Can God make a rock so big he can't move it?""Do we have free choice or are we predestined to be what we are?" Knowing these responses and how to avoid arguing about these questions can save you grief, friends, and make people believe that you actually graduated from the eighth grade. Feast your eyes, and never be troubled by your humanities friends again.

If the Dummy's Guide sounds good to you, but you are short of time and want to download a compressed copy in ascii, feel free
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For hilarious expositions of biblical or world history collected from the errors appearing in academic assignments turned in by scholars of all ages, I will have to send you to Texas

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For a spiritual journey of a different sort visit the page of efisher (and cohorts) who kindly provided the graphics for the Big Dummy's Guide.


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